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Webnatics Mobile App – Powered By ReachLocal

Majority of our business owners are always on the move and constantly working from their mobile phones. This is why we’d love to bring our services to you, wherever you may be.

Presenting: the Webnatics mobile app. An app that brings online marketing results into the palm of your hand. What benefits can you expect? Well, the provision of real-time notification of leads, powerful insights and the availability of transparent reporting on your campaign results, to name a few.

Our mobile app makes this information available so that we can help you garner more leads and convert them into sales with greater efficiency.

The Mobile App is complimentary for all Webnatics customers with a ReachSearch campaign. The app delivers important online marketing insights that help our advertisers effectively manage their campaign leads such as phone calls, emails and web events, while on the move and away from their computers.

What does this mean for you?

Stay Up To Date With Regular Notifications

Review your campaign results as they happen. You will receive instant notifications on your phone about new business leads and up-to-date campaign results that display the value of your online marketing.

Note: Campaign results are updated on an hourly basis.

Quick Lead Response With Recorded Calls

Studies show that if you’re slow to return calls, then you’re in danger of losing prospective customers. So, we’ve made it easier for you to connect with your leads by giving you access with the click of a button. You can listen to calls generated by your campaign, rate them and return the phone call directly from the app.

Convenient Access To Detailed Results

You can access detailed reports via the mobile app which will help give you an understanding of the impressions, visits, calls, and other valuable parameters produced by your campaign.

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