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RACK’D: Week 1

On the first week of Christmas, Webnatics started our Christmas tradition – RACK’D. Each Webnetizen is given a deck of RACK’D cards with 19 Random Acts of Kindness to complete. On top of completing the tasks, we have rules to adhere to…

RACK’D Rules

  • RACK’D at least one person from each team
  • The recipient can only be RACK’D once
  • RACK’D recipient must endorse on the card
  • Always take a picture of the task
  • Enjoy the game and have fun

To add more excitement, four big awards will be given out at the end of RACK’D. The four awards are:

  • Completion Award – Congratulate all Webnetizens who managed to complete all their tasks
  • Most Pampered Award – Also known as Mr/Ms Popular Award, given to the recipient who has been RACK’D the most
  • Most Enthusiastic Award – The person who has shown the most enthusiasm in this game
  • Outstanding Effort Award – The person who made the most effort in delivering his or her kindness

Week 1 of RACK’D and here are some kindness showered in Webnatics.

Stay tuned for our weekly updates on Webnatics’ RACK’D!

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