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Google Club Pinnacle 2018

Google Club Pinnacle is an exclusive club for top performing representatives in Southeast Asia to receive rewarding treatment from Google in recognition of their hard work and achievements. A series of professionals sharing and training sessions were also introduced at this event to hone the participants on their professional skills.

Webnatics is proud to have the largest team of Singapore representatives at the 2018 Google Club Pinnacle event. Each club member is specially handpicked by Google after fulfilling a series of criteria in business acquisition and has shown consistency in their contribution.

During the 2-day event, Google professionals and experts shared tips on using good vibes to motivate people and the key and art to influencing. Interesting activities were included to make the sessions interactive and to allow representatives to learn things in a more engaging manner.

Webnatics Google Club Pinnacle representatives

The event ended off with sumptuous dinner by the river and an award presentation to recognise these professionals’ efforts for the past six months.

Thank you, Google for this unforgettable experience. We cannot wait to see what’s in store for the next Club Pinnacle event!

sumptuous dinner ending the event

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