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How to Combine Content Marketing with PPC

The moment you enter the digital marketing world, you’ll be exposed to a plethora of messages and facts. And after the initial awe experienced because of the sheer magnitude of the industry, you will see that there exists a conflict in which many experts remain torn about. This battle features two fierce rivals that refuse to give up when it comes to becoming prevalent in the marketing world. We’re talking about SEO vs. PPC.

Many marketers will tell you that they think that there is only one way to achieve your goals in the business world – SEO or PPC. “SEO is a reliable way to achieve stable results, PPC is a shot in the dark” or “SEO is too slow, PPC will give you results that are worth your time and investment”. Even the most grizzled veterans in the game will take a stance and argue strongly against anything which differs from their standpoint.

However, why not combine the advantages of both sides in order to maximize success and minimize the chance of failure? Relevant content that stems from organic results can become even better if boosted with quality PPC, of which is the result of careful research and market analysis. Look at it this way: by combining both techniques, you will then be able to test all your SEO ideas through a quick PPC test.

In order to make it big, you have to think outside of the box. Which is why we’ve decided to bring forth a strategy which many deem too risky or unnecessary for success. Thankfully, however, we have sufficient data to back this up. So strap in, we’re going on a journey to conquer the world of online marketing and you can be in the driving seat.



What to Focus On?

Strategies are good and they should be an integral part of every campaign on this planet. However, they are only the second layer, the one that goes OVER the foundation. What is the foundation, you ask? Well, it’s simply great content. It’s paramount to any goal that you are capable of creating superb, high-performance and enticing content.

Failure to accomplish this will result in every one of your PPC clicks ending up in the subsequent clicking of the back button a few seconds later. Those will just be wasted clicks that could have been conversions. What if you had excellent content that kept the searcher hooked? But don’t settle for what-ifs, educated guesses, predictions, and assumptions. A master marketer is characterized by ruthlessness not only towards his competition but towards himself. This requires demanding great content from yourself.

Good content should be diverse and not abide by a pattern that can be easily discovered by both your readers and competitors. Your website’s palette should include several types of regular, high-quality posts such as:

  • List posts
  • Posts revolving around data and research
  • FAQ posts, providing your new customers with valuable info
  • Case studies
  • Series posts – a great way to have someone hooked on your website, in anticipation for new content
  • Guest posts – an awesome way to show readers that you’re respected and that other people want to be featured on your blog
  • Guides and how-to articles


Promote Your Content Using PPC

If you already have great content revolving around the top spots on Google’s search page, you shouldn’t stop there. Why not use PPC to promote your already excellently performing content? That way, you will be able to direct your followers to your organic page, which may, in turn, boost your conversions.

Since more conversions will likely result in more sales, what can you use that newly-acquired revenue for? More PPC to promote more content. This perpetual mobile of content promotion is a simple principle that is a result of great research. Such research has to include information about your competitors, your customers’ demographics, seasonality and much more.

Google Analytics and Google AdWords reports are your greatest allies in accomplishing this. In addition to that, you will only have to use a fraction of your competitors’ money. This is because you will be leaving all the heavy lifting to the SEO part of your campaigns and using PPC as a promotional tool, not as the backbone of your entire plan.


Try Running a Number of Campaigns Sequentially

By running multiple campaigns at the same time, you will ensure that only the best survive. When it comes to this principle, you should use several tracking programs and data in order to see which campaigns perform better than others. Subsequently, you will be able to cut out the unsuccessful ones and leave only the best behind.

The greatest marketers live by the principle of selective large investments. This means that they don’t abide by the laws of time, nor do they hurry. They are only preoccupied with being productive in terms of thinking of great ideas. And when a sufficient number of these ideas are accumulated, they run them all at once. 

Then, upon seeing how these ads perform, a conclusion is made concerning the best ads to utilise for the subsequent period. Doing this will allow you to use PPC to see which content performs the best which, in turn, helps you determine what content to include in your SEO campaigns. A perfect match, isn’t it?


Focus on Remarketing

Okay, so you’re already amongst the top spots in terms of organic ranking. But how do you go about retaining this position? Remarketing is one key strategy that can be the gateway to improving your search engine ranking. Although unconventional to some, it is a strategy that has proven effective.

The key to remarketing is creating Custom Audience groups on Google AdWords which target people who have already seen your ads but haven’t clicked on them. This helps evoke the feeling of familiarity amongst audiences, which can be the deciding factor when it comes to clicking on an ad. This also allows people who have already visited your site to immerse themselves in your new content, helping you to get surefire clicks and persuading interested individuals to establish conversions.

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