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12 Things About SEO You Might Not Know

When it comes to the world of Search Engine Marketing, it’s best to stay updated with the latest trends and essential industry facts. This is because there are facts which may completely change the way you view search marketing and influence the way you make decisions. Being aware of these things will add to your knowledge, eventually making you more adept at using the tools needed to reach higher ranks. 


Here are 12 SEO facts which you might not know:

1. When it comes to on-page content, page titles matter.

Did you know your site could attain a higher rank just by having a targeted page title? That’s why it is important to make sure to add your target keywords and copy in order to capture the attention of your audience.


2. Organic results have more weight than paid ads.
About 75% of all clicked links are organic in nature. This is where link building, keyword research, and producing top quality content makes all the difference. All these related efforts can significantly contribute to how you’ll rank.


3. Top 5 of search’s results get 75% of visitor clicks.

Naturally, Google will favour pages which are more relevant to visitors’ searches. Depending on the quality and relevance of the content, pages will also achieve a higher rank by having top-rated backlinks.


4. Over a 100 billion searches are done each month.

But the challenge lies in how to filter through these billions of searchers to attract potential visitors that could greatly contribute to your business. This nugget of information is applicable to searches all over the world. So, if you’re thinking of branching out or maintaining a global online business, this fact could prove handy.


5. Google has over 70% of the market share in the Search Engine industry.

If you’re thinking of strengthening your digital marketing efforts, it’ll be practical to focus your content in a way which Google approves of. Doing so will allow you to capture some of Google’s hundreds of billions of searches and help you to build a strong site capable of garnering conversions.


6. Mobile Search is on the rise.

Did you know Google is thinking of having an indexing system that’s specific for mobile searches? A huge portion of digital-related activities is now done via mobile phones. Hence, it would be advisable to increase the mobile-oriented, navigational features of your site.


7. Including videos on landing pages can help you rank higher.

Having videos on your site pages will likely compel your visitors to stay on longer to get to know your business better. Make full use of the entertainment aspect of your video-based content and you may be able to decrease your bounce rates.


8. Link Building and Keyword Research will stay relevant.

Money can still be found in keywords, which is why keyword selections have become quite competitive. Every business is always on the lookout for ways to get to the keywords which are most frequently used by their target visitors. Additionally, link building still proves relevant, and knowledge about its related trends remains useful. This is especially so considering Google is getting better at identifying which backlinks have real weight. Link builders need to be agiler in partnering up with sites which can help to up the ante of their businesses.


9. Most users never scroll past page 1 of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

From most visitors’ points of view, it’s just more convenient to get everything needed from Page 1.


10. Content Creation is still an effective SEO technique.

After all the algorithmic-based strategies are said and done, what visitors and eventual customers will value are the content of the pages which they’ve clicked on. This makes sense since the primary reason why they use search engines is to find the information they need. 


11. Conversion stays high via Search, even on mobile.

With any type of device you use, conversions still remain high via Search. And while it’s beneficial to have content on social media channels such as YouTube, what visitors value more is the information that they can actually get on hand, and Search gives that to them straight away.


12. On top of Search Marketing, rankings can improve by adding Social Media into your digital mix.

One soon realises that Social Media Marketing has a value of its own and that it shouldn’t be discounted. It’s especially useful when you’d like to build a community of customers and brand advocates to speak highly of your products or services.


If you’d like to level up as a site, then consider the above information. Staying updated about these facts can help you make better decisions when it comes to your search marketing efforts. They could also guide you through the process of conducting tests and tactical tweaks to your existing campaigns. But if you’re still a little lost, then perhaps we could help. Get connected with us and learn how we can contribute as a partner by helping you to apply successful techniques to your SEO campaign.

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